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Product Details
Description   Microtome Manufacturer   Olympus
Quantity   1 Model/ Part Number   CUT 4055
Our Part Number   1606-045 MFG Date   
  Serial Number   550561
Voltage    Weight   80 lbs
Category   Microtomes Shipping Size   Freight / Pallet
Location   FWH Received Date   
MSRP   $0.00    
Advertise Price   $1,250.00    
Notes/ Condition   Specifications:
• Ergonomic design and advanced safety features are ideal for the histology lab
• Designed for paraffin- or plastic-embedded specimen sectioning
• Each precision-engineered microtome is mounted on a one-piece metal base enclosed in a polycarbonate cover
• Sturdy, dependable, low maintenance microtomes are designed to be configured for optimum user comfort with state-of-the-art accessories
• Dual movements provide precise and efficient horizontal advance and specimen return
• Rotary Microtomes can be ordered with the coarse advance hand wheel in the most convenient operating position according to laboratory needs
• Positioning for the coarse advance hand wheel include side- or front-mounted with either forward or reverse feed
• A sliding clutch over-extension protection feature automatically blocks the continued horizontal movement of the specimen after it has reached the full extent of its travel in either direction
• The safety features of each microtome model include finger guards and a debris-protection system that protects the guideways from contamination
• The fine advance hand wheel features a push button safety lock that can be set in 30 click positions over 360°
• Counter-balanced for smooth sectioning, handwheel can be operated in either clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW) feed directions
• Models 4060 and 4060E feature an auto trim coarse advance hand wheel
• Auto trim can be set in three positions: 10, 20 or 30 µm for quick, consistent and controlled sectioning
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