Sanyo Incusafe Co2 Incubator Double Stack MCO-181C


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This Sanyo Incusafe CO2 Incubator Double Stack MCO-181C  

  • Temperature control range in the unit Ambient temperature+5°C+50°C (Settable range:0°C50°C)
  • Temperature distribution in the unit ±0.25°CÚ
  • Temperature variation in the unit ±0.1°CÚ
  • Temperature recovery period 25 minutes or less (until the internal temperature is recovered to 36.5°C after door opened for 30 seconds)
  • CO2 level range 020%
  • CO2 level distribution range ±0.15%
  • CO2 level recovery period 10 minutes or less (until the CO2 level is recovered to 4.5% after door opened for 30 seconds.)
  • Internal humidity 95±5%RH
  • Internal humidity recovery period 30 minutes or less (until the internal humidity is recovered to 90%RH after door opened for 30 seconds.)
  • Supplied CO2 gas pressure 0.03MpaG (0.3kg/cm2G) when the gas supplied
  • Power supply Single phase, local voltage
  • Total power consumption 310W
  • Total current 110-120VAC: Maximum 2.8A
    220-240VAC: Maximum 1.4A
  • Quantity of radiation Maximum 1120kJ/h
cs – OSA



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