G.E. Life Sciences XDM-1000-S Xcellerex Mixing System


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G.E. Life Sciences XDM-1000-S Xcellerex Mixing System

The XDM Mixing System delivers robustness and flexibility for a wide variety of mixing applications. The volume range is 1000 L in a stainless-steel square configuration.   

  • Powerful, integrated magnetic agitator with compact VFD and AC motor. 
  • Workable heights and low center of gravity increase level of safety. 
  • Real-time sensing and sampling capability via mixer window and bag probe ports, sampling port and thermowell for noninvasive temperature sensing 
  • Emerson Commander SK Drive Controller. 
  • Pavone Sistemi DAT-S400 Digital Analog Transmitter. 
  • (4) Flintec SB4 Stainless Steel Beam Type Load Cell with Complete Hermetic Sealing. 
  • (4) Atlas 1000 Series Leveling Caster. Flintec KPK-4 Junction Box. 
  • Bottom Fitted Control Techniques AC9060FC AC Motor. 
  • Rosemount Analytical Emerson Process 10J6 Intelligent Analyzer. 
  • Mettler Toledo Junction Box.  
  • Mettler Toledo Load Cells. 
  • Internal Dimensions: 1060 x 1060 x 980 

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