New Brunswick BioFlo 510 SIP Fermentation System


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New Brunswick BioFlo 510 SIP Fermentation System with 30 day limited warranty.

This unit has been fully tested and in proper working order.  It is contained on a moveable skid.
The BioFlo 510 is a compact sterilizable-in-place fermentation system ideal for pilot to small scale production processes. The modular design features a wide variety of standard options allowing this system to be flexible enough to meet most process requirements.
  • RPC (Reactor Process Control) software or optional Allen Bradley PLC 
  • 15.6 L and 32.0 L working volume stainless-steel electropolished vessels with 2:1 aspect ratios 
  • Integrated load cell 
  • 3-fixed speed peristaltic pumps for the additions, harvest and pH control 
  • Benchtop or Mobile option 
  • Includes Rushton-type impellers with pitched-blade and marine blade option 
  • Industrial touchscreen interface 

cs – R2 D FL


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