California Advanced TubeWriter 360 Labeler w/VideoJet 1520


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California Advanced TubeWriter 360 Labeler w/VideoJet 1520

  • Printing Speed: Up to 2,500 tubes/hour.  
  • Data Input: Microsoft Excel, comma delimited.  
  • Ink: Waterproof, alcohol-resistant, formalin-resistant, temperature and solvent resistant. Widest array of industrial grade inks.  
  • Media Types: Cluster Tubes (Matrix, Micronic, Etc.) Conical Tubes (5, 15, 50ml) Cryogenic Vials Culture Tubes (12 x 75mm, 13 x 75mm, 13 x 100mm, 16 x 100mm, 16 x 125mm, etc.). Microcentrifuge Tubes, Microscope Slides, PCR Tubes, Petri Dishes, Screw Cap Tubes, Snap Cap Tubes (5, 15ml), Custom Vials and Parts, Microplates and Cell Culture Plates.  
  • Writing Surfaces: Top (cap), Side (body), Glass, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic  
  • Barcodes: Data Matrix, Linear, 2D, Code 128.  
  • Alphanumeric: Heights from 0.079” (2mm) – 0.400” (10mm).  
  • Graphics: Logos, Warning symbols, Manufacturing Marks.  
  • Scan Ability: Fixed mount and hand-held scannable.  
  • Printable Lines: 2-5 lines with unlimited text per line (depending on labware).  
  • Tubes printed per run: 8-96 depending on media type.   
  • Long run time between preventive maintenance; up to 12,000 hour core life. 
  • Internal pump means no external air, minimizing potential for contaminants to enter ink stream. 
  • Auto cleaning printhead for fast start-ups, even after extended shutdowns Built-in productivity.  
  • Print 1 to 5 lines of print for a range of coding needs. 

r/g – R2 E1 P81


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