Millipore 1568406 Benchtop Tangential Water Fitration System


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Millipore 1568406 Benchtop Tangential Water Filtration System

This Millipore water filtration unit is a benchtop sanitary-design tangential water filtration system. It is used to concentrate or purify solutions up to 100 liters.  
The unit is ideal for microbiology or biochemistry-related laboratory test runs, pilot studies and small-scale production.  
It has a choice of tangential ultrafiltration or microfiltration with spiral or cassette-type filtration cartridges.  
It has a simple control panel with LCD displays for pressures and pump speed and user adjustable safety limits and alarms.  
Automated constant-volume diafiltrating or continuously fed batch processing of volumes from larger auxiliary reservoirs. 
Pump Capacity: Peristaltic, easy-load tubing pump head maximum flow 12 L/min @ 1.7 bar (25 psi)  
Minimum Process Volume: 186 ml  
Cartridge and Membrane Area Capacity: Up to 33 ft2 for Pellicon 2 cassettes, up to 20 ft. 2 for spiral cassettes 
100V ~ 50/60Hz ~ 300VAC
cs – R1 G2 P42



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