Welch 2511 Dry Vacuum Pump/Compressor


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The attached photos represent a Welch 2511 Dry Vacuum Pump/Compressor being sold as is with the understanding that we sell quality products and equipment that have been tested and operate as intended unless otherwise stated.  
The Welch Vacuum 2511B-01 one-head WOB-L-style piston pump has an 11
liter per minute (LPM) free air displacement with vacuum to 219 Torr.
The portable utility vacuum/pressure pump is suitable for use in
applications such as aspiration and vacuum drying in non-corrosive
environments. It is driven by a 1/30 HP motor that accepts 115V, 60Hz
input power. It connects to 3/16″ inside diameter vacuum system tubing
(sold separately).




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