Shimadzu UV-2401PC Recording Spectrophotometer


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The enclosed photos represent a Shimadzu UV-2401PC Recording Spectrophotometer sold as is with the understanding that we sell products and equipment that have been tested and are operational unless otherwise stated for parts only.

This system a low stray light/wide dynamic range/small beam size combination makes this instrument well suited to handle a variety of practical situations. From small sample volumes to highly absorbing samples, the software gives the power and versatility of an extremely sophisticated system in a package that’s easy to learn and use.

Comes with power cord. Software not included.

  • Wavelength range: 190 to 900 nm.
  • Single monochromator with a high-performance blazed holographic grating in the aberration corrected Czerny-Turner mounting.
  • Resolution: 0.1 nm.
  • Spectral bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 nm.
  • Wavelength repeatability: ±0.1 nm.
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3 nm.
  • Wavelength scanning speed: Fast, medium, slow and super slow
  • Light source: 50 W halogen lamp and D2 lamp.
  • Light source lamp switching: Select between 282 nm and 393 nm.
  • Stray light: Less than 0.015% at 220nm and 340nm.
  • Photometric system: Double-beam, direct ratio system with dynode feedback.
  • Photometric mode: Absorbance (Abs.), transmittance (%), reflectance (%) and energy (E).
  • Photometric range: Absorbance -4~5 Abs. (0.001 Abs. increments).
  • Transmittance: 0~999.9% (0.01% increments).
  • Reflectance: 0~999.9% (0.01% increments).
  • Photometric accuracy ±0.002 Abs. (0~0.5 Abs.) with NIST 930D Filter. ±0.004 Abs. (0.5~1 Abs.) with NIST 930D Filter. ±0.3%T (0~100%T) with NIST 930D Filter.
  • Photometric repeatability: ±0.001 Abs. (0~1.0 Abs.) ±0.1%T.
  • Baseline flatness: Within ±0.001 Abs. (excluding noise; 2nm slit width and SLOW wavelength scanning speed).
  • Drift: Less than 0.0004 Abs. per hour (after 2 hours warm-up).
  • Power requirements : 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V, switch-selectable; 50/60Hz
  • Software Specifications: Personal Spectroscopy Software (standard), Spectrum, Quantitative, Time Course.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 11 in
  • Weight: 75 lbs
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