Synbiosis ProtoCOL 2 Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System


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Synbiosis ProtoCOL 2 Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System

  • Construction: Ergonomic housing constructed in high density foam, Integral microprocessor, Integral CCD camera and lens, 17 in mounted touch screen monitor 
  • Light Shield: 2 sliding doors to prevent excessive ambient light 
  • Camera: 1.4 m pixel scientific grade CCD camera, USB integral camera with f1.2 lens 
  • Monitor: 17 in mounted touch screen 
  • Resolution: For standard 90mm Petri dish, smallest detectable colony is 43 microns 
  • Imaging: 3 channel capture for color images 
  • Lighting: Unique 3 channel (red, green, blue) LED lighting (patent pending), Multi-array LED lighting (computer controlled), Lower lighting with upper reflective lighting for all applications 
  • Processor: Integral microprocessor, Operating system Windows XP embedded 
  • Storage: 120 GB minimum internal hard disk 
  • External connections: DVD RW, USB ports for mouse, keyboard and camera, 2 additional USB ports, External monitor connection, Ethernet, Sound output, 1394 firewire connection 
  • Detection mode: Fully automatic with manual over-ride 
  • Measurement modes: PC2 Count: Colony counting, pour plates; PC2 Zone: SRD zone sizing, inhibition zones, antibacterial susceptibility 
  • Count modes: Separation of touching colonies, discrimination by area, exclude areas, color mode, shape mode 
  • Software: Integral ProtoCOL 2 software,Touch screen input 
  • Database: SQL database stores all data and images 

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