Tecan PW-384 Basic Power Plate Washer


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Dispense Volume Range

96 well plate format: 50 to
3000 ul in 50 ul for washing

384 well plate format: 10 to
1000 ul for washing

Dispensing Accuracy

96 well plates: CV ≤ 2% across
the plate at 300 ul

384 well plates: CV ≤ 3%
across the plate at 100 ul

Residual Volume

96 well plates: ≤ 2 ul across
the plate

384 well plates: ≤ 2 ul across
the plate

Display Unit

Liquid crystal display with two rows of sixteen digits

Number of Intake Channels


Wash Program Storage

Up to 20

Dimensions (W x D x H)

38 x 41.5 x 24 cm


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Weight 11.34 lbs
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