Sanyo VIP Series -86° Freezer MDF-U71VC


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Sanyo VIP Series -86° Freezer MDF-U71VC

The Sanyo MDF-U71VC ultralow freezer has a cascade refrigeration system is designed for high-performance operation in laboratories where frequent door openings, introduction of room temperature samples, changing ambient temperatures and voltage variations are common.

The V.I.P. Series refrigeration compressors are designed and built by Sanyo specifically for ultra-low temperature freezer applications and operate within a total energy management system to minimize power consumption and operating costs. 

  • Model: MDFU71VC – Upright 
  • Doors: 1/Solid 
  • Capacity: 25 cu. Ft. 
  • Temperature: -86°C 
  • Voltage: 208/230V 

cs – R2 C FL


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