Thermo Scientific IM2130 imPULSE Single-Use Mixer


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Thermo Scientific IM2130 imPULSE Single-Use Mixer

The imPULSE Single-Use Mixer (S.U.M.) can be utilized for many bioprocess mixing applications. The imPULSE design features include innovative disc mixing technology, configurable high-end controls, and monitors to fit specific process requirements. These features all enable uniform, superior mixing. The touchscreen console for the imPULSE S.U.M. provides superior integrated sensor monitoring, and pump control for pH and saline titration and for automatic fill and harvest of the S.U.M. Integrated rolling diaphragm that provides the pumping action to the mixing disc; the diaphragm will not abrade the surfaces or produce particulate. 

  • Capacity: 200 L 
  • Maximum temperature in vessel 40°C. 
  • Nominal Working Volume: 200 L 
  • Maximum Working Volume: 266 L 
  • Minimum Startup Working Volume: 10%.   
  • Minimum Drain Working Volume: 0 L  
  • Dry Unit Weight: 1,133 lbs.  
  • Wet Unit Weight (nominal working volume): 1,713 lbs. 
  • Maximum Noise Level: <78 dB at 1 m 
  • Electrical power supply requirement (U.S. systems) AC motor module: 15 A, 400–480 VAC, 50–60 Hz 
  • Motor load max 4.15 A at 460 V (3 hp) 
  • Dimensions DxWxH): 47.18 x 53.64 x 69.76 in.   
  • Open cart frame for easier cleaning 
  • Applications: Media preparation. Final formulation steps. Buffer preparation. Use as a harvest vessel. Pooling and liquid transfer. Product suspension. Mixing and storage of multiple batches. Viral inactivation.  



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