Victor SR 250D Series Single Stage Medium Duty Regulator


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Victor SR 250 Series Single Stage Medium Duty Oxygen Regulator offers 5 – 125 PSIG delivery range and is ideal for medium applications and for medium to large cylinders.
Maximum inlet pressure of 3000 PSIG features die-forged brass body for strength as well as durability.
Featuring 2″ brass gauges has 4000 inlet gauge range and 200 outlet gauge range.
Regulator with 540 CGA inlet connection and 9/16″-18 RH(M) outlet connection has 1 3/4″ fabric reinforced neoprene diaphragm that provides precise long lasting service.
Single stage regulator is specifically designed for medium to high capacity.
Regulator measuring 6.38″ X 4 1/4″ X 5.13″ delivers at least the stated upper range and in some cases may surpass the stated upper range.
  • Brass adjusting screw with forged T-Handle 
  • Delrin insert bushing for durability, easier adjusting
  • Die forged brass spring housing cap provides greater strength and durability
  • Stem type seat mechanism
  • Stainless steel diaphragm gives accurate long lasting service
  • Stainless ball in key for easy adjustment
  • Adjusting spring pretested for quality assurance
  • Regulators will deliver at least the stated upper range and in some cases may exceed the stated upper range
  • Precision machined nozzle for optimum flow control
  • Sintered inlet filter electroless nickel plated bronze
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