Agilent 276011 | 96-Well Pre-Slit Microplate Cap Mat


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Agilent 276011 | 96-Well Pre-Slit Microplate Cap Mat

  • Natural color silicone pre-slit well cap mat is for use with 96-well polypropylene (PP) and 96- DeepWell™ plates (except cat. no. 442587 96-well polypropylene plates) 
  • Features: solvent resistant, avoid 100% DMSO; color: natural; material: silicone; pierceable: yes (with hypodermic needles and pipette tips); non-sterile 
  • Silicone pre-slit well caps permit a pipette tip or probe to enter the well without damage to the cap; solvent resistant, but avoid 100% DMSO 
  • Protects well contents during short or long-term storage of chemicals or compounds 
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate cap mats effectively seal polystyrene DeepWell™ plates; 96-well caps are for sealing all Nunc Polypropylene (PP) plates with shared wall technology 
  • 10/Pack; 50/Case 

cs – R1 E3 P108


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