Bullard EVA20TIC PAPRs Complete Respiratory System


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Bullard EVA20TIC PAPRs Complete Respiratory System


  • EVA1 Blower/Motor Unit.
  • EVABAT1 Battery.
  • EVABELT1 Belt.
  • EVASMC Battery Charger (Charging Cup & Power Cord).
  • PA1BT Breathing Tube.
  • PA1AFI Airflow Indicator.
  • S18051 Clamp (holds breathing tube).
  • 20TIC Tychem QC Hood (Double Bib with Ratchet Suspension).

VISUAL FUEL GAUGE: The easy-to-read fuel gauge displays the remaining battery capacity at a glance. Wearers can check battery status at any time while using EVA. 
ACTIVE FLOW TECHNOLOGY: Another innovation from Bullard, Active Flow Technology automatically responds to a worker’s need for more or less air flow. This intelligent system is continuously working to maintain constant air flow, regardless of filter type, hood type, filter loading or battery capacity. 
DURABILITY EVA: Powered by a long-lasting 10,000-hour brushless motor. Unlike other motors that can quickly wear out, this durable brushless motor is designed for long-term reliable use. 
SINGLE FILTER EVA: Offers a single filter for easy use. While other manufacturers’ PAPRs may require up to three filters, EVA makes it simple with a single easy-to-install filter .
FILTER LOCKING TAB EVA: Helps ensure positive filter installation with a single click. The filter locking tab notifies the user that the filter is in place with both a visual indication and audible click. RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: Industries include Painting, Chemical Handling, Grinding, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Welding. 

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