Watson Marlow 620S/RE Peristaltic Pump


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Watson Marlow 620S/RE Peristaltic Pump

  • Keypad entry of flow rates from 0.0011 gpm to 4.76 gpm (0.004 -18 liter/min) 
  • Dispenses 500ml to within +/-0.5% in 3.0 seconds. 
  • Stores up to 50 dispensing programs. Non-drip function eliminates drips at dose end. 
  • Ramp function for delicate fluids prevents frothing/splashing and enhances accuracy.   
  • Export batch records via RS232 to a PC or printer for cGMP requirements 
  • Brushless DC motor, 2650:1 turndown, 0.1% set speed accuracy 
  • IP31/NEMA 2 vented wipe-down enclosure suitable for dry industrial environments 
  • Chemically resistant powder coated casing (exterior grade polyester) 
  • Wire-free guard-switching stops the pump if the pump head is opened while running 
  • Digital status outputs (configurable) via four relays. 
  • Analog speed control (0-10V or 4-20mA) and feedback (0-1478Hz). 
  • Fitted as standard with the 620RE Mark II high performance pump head for tubing elements. Watson-Marlow’s patented LoadSure elements offer one minute maintenance and ensure correct loading for long tubing life and accuracy.  
  • This pump head can easily be positioned in two orientations (ports right or ports down) and features two stainless steel rollers for maximum flow, which can be retracted for CIP and SIP.    


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