Paltronic Flowstar XC FFS02 A M Filter Integrity Tester


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Paltronic Flowstar XC FFS02 A M Filter Integrity Tester

The Palltronic High-flow Flowstar XC instrument is expressly designed for filter systems requiring high-flows, is capable of providing flow rates up to 2000 mL/min without any reduction in flow measurement accuracy.

  • Direct-flow measurement eliminates errors and time associated with traditional pressure hold test technology 
  • Extensive validation documentation and qualification of hardware and software ensures compliance with industry and regulatory requirements 
  • Easy-to-follow commands for user-friendly operation 
  • Data security and electronic signature features compliant with CFR 21 part 11 
  • Unitized, durable construction with splash-proof design allows testing in any environment 
  • Large, graphic LCD display enables easy reading of real time test measurements 
  • Unique external vent valve prevents liquid back flow into the unit for increased service reliability 
  • Hard copy printout, with date and time displayed, facilitate documentation requirements 
  • Password-protected for added security 
  • Self-Test verifies proper functioning of software and internal components to streamline maintenance and labor requirements 

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