Taylor Wharton K-Series Cryostorage System 17K

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Taylor Wharton K-Series Cryostorage System 17K

Unit is previously owned by a working lab. Has some cosmetic bumps and scrapes. Has been tested.

  • Features: Mark I Control Panel, Digital temperature Display, High and Low Temperature Alarms, Evaporation Rate: 7 Liters/Daily, Capacity 336 Liters 
  • Vacuum insulated (double wall) stainless steel cryostorage system designed for applications where extremely low temperature storage of biological products is required. It is also appropriate for industrial or other applications where nitrogen temperatures and high capacity are needed. 
  • Electrical Requirements: 115/125 vac 50/60 Hz, Inner Diameter: 31″, Inner Usable Height: 27″External Dimensions: 33″w x 39″d x 40″h  

g – R5 B FL


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