TOMI HHA-103 SteraMist Surface Unit Kit

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TOMI HHA-103 SteraMist Surface Unit Kit

This item comes with a 30-day Repair or Replace warranty. 

The SteraMist Surface Unit is ideal for hospitals, clinics, offices, and other spaces where efficient and thorough disinfection is essential. Its cutting-edge technology ensures peace of mind and cleanliness.

  • The SteraMist Surface Unit is an advanced handheld disinfection sprayer designed for rapid and effective surface decontamination. 
  • Direct power handheld application. 
  • Comes with a 30-foot cord for convenient reach. 
  • Single applicator included. 
  • Applied in just 5 seconds per square foot. 
  • Achieves a 6-log kill-rate within seconds. 
  • No wiping, mixing, rinsing, or residues. 
  • Minimal personal protective equipment (PPE) required. 
  • Two triggers for precision: one for high-treatment areas and another for low-treatment areas. 
  • Ensures effective coverage across all surfaces. 
  • Suitable for surface-specific or full-room treatments. 
  • Consistent decontamination every time. 
  • Fully portable and point-and-spray solution. 
  • 30-foot applicator cord for accessing remote or tight spots. 
  • Achieves a rapid kill (within 5 seconds) of pathogens. 
  • Height: 25 inches, Width: 20.5 inches, Depth: 14 inches  
  • Weight: Approximately 60.2 lbs (27.3 kg) 


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