Pfeiffer Adixen V8SACSFTWF ACP 40 Compact Dry Vacuum

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Pfeiffer Adixen V8SACSFTWF ACP 40 Compact Dry Vacuum

  • 22 CFM, Pump, V8SACSFTWF, Blanked off Gas Ballast, ACP40. 
  • Type Multi-stage Pfeiffer ACP 40 Roots primary pump / V8SACSFTWF 
  • KF-40 Inlet Flange
  • Frictionless technology, reliability, aluminum pump body 
  • Dry and clean vacuumno particulate contaminationresidual gas spectrum free of traces of hydrocarbons. 
  • Sealed air-cooled motorpermanent air cooling (built-in fan)safety: certified leaktight 
  • Single-phase frequency convertermulti-voltage, dual frequency 50/60 Hz 
  • Thermal protection based on temperature sensorsRS 485 Serial link 
  • Advantages of Pfeiffer Adixen ACP 40 Dry Pump. 
  • ACP40 is a ideal replacement for rotary vane oil pump. 
  • No water cooling is required, ACP 40 SD pump is air cooled. 
  • Frequency converter of Pfeiffer Adixen ACP 40 offers hour meter, RS-485 port, multiple rotation speed selection. 
  • Pfeiffer ACP 40 pump offers wide range voltage supply 50/60 Hz single and three phase.

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