Pall Life Sciences Forte Bio OCTET RED 96 w/Power Supply, Computer


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Pall Life Sciences Forte Bio OCTET RED 96 w/Power Supply

  • Sample and Analysis  
  • Detection Technology Biolayer Interferometry (BLI)  
  • Biosensor Type Disposable, single-use fiber optic biosensors with optional reuse by regeneration and/or re-racking  
  • Information Provided • Kinetic and affinity analysis (kobs, ka, kd, KD) • Concentration monitoring (no need for background subtraction) • Automated concentration determinations  
  • Data Presentation • Plots displaying kinetic binding, equation fits, and residuals of fits • Tabulated kinetic data and data charts • Concentration data analysis • Epitope binning and cross-blocking matrices and trace overlays Sample Types Proteins, antibodies, peptides, media containing serum, buffers containing DMSO, periplasmic fractions, untreated cell culture supernatants, and crude cell lysates  
  • Sample Format Standard, 96-well, black, flat bottom microplate Sample Volume • 180–220 μL/well • Nondestructive testing  
  • Orbital Flow Capacity Static or 100–1500 rpm  
  • Small molecule, fragment analysis  
  • Protein and antibody characterization  
  • Re-rack and reuse biosensors  
  • Dip and Read™ simplicity  
  • Analysis Temperature Range (Ambient + 4°C) – 40°C, 1°C increments 
  • 8-well simultaneous detection
  • 2020 Dell Computer and monitor 

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