Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge


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The enclosed photos represent a Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge sold as is with the understanding that we sell products and equipment that have been tested and are operational unless otherwise stated for parts only.

Providing the high-performance of floor-standing instruments several times its size, the Allegra 64R is a benchtop centrifuge specifically designed for high speed separations. Providing 30,000 rpm, it is ideal for subcellular fractionation, protein isolation and purification, viruses and phase extractions. Features 30,000 rpm with fixed-angle rotor; Spin tubes from 0.25 up to 85 mL; Operating temperature from 2 C to 40 C.
Comes with Rotor model F3602 and power cord.




  • Maximum Speed: 30,000 rpm

  • Acceleration: 10 acceleration profiles

  • Deceleration: 10 deceleration profiles

  • Speed Control: ± 50 rpm of set speed

  • Timed Run: Set (up to 9 hours 59 minutes); Continuous

  • Rotor Type: F3602 (Max RPM 22000, holds up to 36 test tubes)

  • Refrigeration System: Yes

  • Drive Type Cooling: Brushless Induction Drive

  • Temperature Ranges: -20 C to 40 C in 1 degree increments

  • Pollution Degree: 2

  • Humidity Restrictions: 95% (non-condensing)

  • Power Requirements: 60 Hz, 208 VAC, 12 A

  • Dimensions: 26 x 24 x 14 in


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