Amersham Biosciences XK 26/60 Column


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Amersham Biosciences XK 26/60 Column

  • XK empty columns are designed for low to medium pressure, are user friendly, robust, and give reproducible packing.   
  • Plunger design to ensure a homogeneous buffer distribution and reproducible packing.   
  • Adapter QuickLock mechanism that facilitates column handling and cleaning. 
  • Fittings for direct connection to chromatography systems.   
  • Cooling jacket for sensitive purifications
The user-friendly design of XK columns ensures trouble-free operation with fittings for direct connection to ÄKTA design instruments or other high-performance liquid chromatography systems.
The product family is based on a robust design for high reproducibility and accurate results. XK columns are compatible with aqueous solutions and most organic solvents used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. 
rk – R1 E1 P60


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