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Meso Scale Discovery  -  Sector Imager 6000  -  1200


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Product Details
Description   Sector Imager 6000 Manufacturer   Meso Scale Discovery
Quantity   1 Model/ Part Number   1200
Our Part Number   1606-179 MFG Date   
  Serial Number   1200080711453
Voltage    Weight   120 lbs
Category   Other Shipping Size   Freight / Pallet
Location   P48-D1 Received Date   
MSRP   $0.00    
Advertise Price   $900.00    
Notes/ Condition   Stack tubes not included. Device comes with a power cord.

-Single and multiplex plate formats
-Highly sensitive imaging detection systems
-Rapid read times (up to 50 plates per hour)
-Workstation or automated operation
-Simultaneous reading of bar code labels on both short and long sides of microplates
-Six-log dynamic range
-Cooled CCD camera
-Custom telecentric lens
-Integrated bar code readers
-Two-dimensional motion control
-96- and 384-well MULTI-ARRAY Plates
-Functional detection limit (binding assays): ~106 labels
-Dynamic range: 106
-Read time: 70 seconds per plate
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