Omega Variable speed and Fixed Timer Peristaltic Pump (FPUVS2011)


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Here we have a Omega Variable speed and Fixed Timer Peristaltic Pump being sold as is due to a contract with a former partner that prevents me from selling these items with a warranty, please review my feedback to see that I have a solid record.
Peristaltic Pump Tube Does Not Require Valves
Self Priming
High Outlet Pressure
Capability of 100 psig on
Most Models
Acceptable for Indoor Use
Corrosion Proof Valox® Housing
Tamper Resistant Electronic Control Panel Cover
Tube Failure Detection
Maximum Working Pressure:
  100 psig/6.9 bar (most models)
Maximum Fluid Temperature:
  54°C (130°F)
Ambient Temperature Range:
  -10 to 43°C (14 to 110°F)
  NEMA 3R (IP24) (acceptable for indoor use)
Pump Tube Material:
Duty Cycle:
Maximum Solids:
  50% by volume
Maximum Viscosity:
  5000 Centipoise
Maximum Suction Lift:
  Up to 9 m (30′) water
Turn Down Ratio:
Power Requirements: 
  115 V 60 Hz
  80 Watts, 220 V 50 Hz 40 Watts,
  230 V 60 Hz 45 Watts
Variable Speed: 
  115 V 60 Hz
  40 Watts, 220 V 50 Hz 40 Watts,
  230 V 60 Hz 40 Watts
S/N: JY3943
CODE:  R1 E3 P108


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