Prince Technologies PrinCE-c700 CE System


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The attached photos represent a Prince Technologies PrinCE-c700 CE System sold as is with the understanding that we sell quality products and equipment that have been tested and operate as intended unless otherwise stated. Please review my feedback to see that I have a solid record.
Flexible, modular and suitable for almost any application the PrinCE-C 700 couples to any external CE detectors, including UV/VIS, CD, LIF and or MS without the need for any special tools. Large buffer vials eradicate the need for a replenishment system reducing down-time, making the PrinCE-C 700 systems unique in the CE field.


  • Duration Up to 650 minutes, 0.01 minutes resolution


  • Hydrodynamic -180 to 250 mbar, 1mbar resolution


  • Electrokinetic -30 to +30 kV


  • Ramping Programmable voltage and/or current


  • Flush range 0 to +2500 mbar, up to 10 bar by external pressure


  • Features Inlet or outlet and dual pressurization


  • Temperature control 4-40°C


  • Type of vials 300μl inserts, 4 ml vials with resealing snap starburst caps including Eppendorf microcentrifuge tubes


  • Sample volume Minimum 10μl, maximum 4 ml


  • Buffer volume Maximum 4 ml


  • Complete temperature control 5°C below ambient up to 60°C


  • Capillary Standard: minimum effective capillary length 8.5cm, minimum total length 30cm


  • Optional: minimum effective capillary length 7.2cm, minimum total length 30cm


  • Wavelength accuracy < 0.3nm


  • Repetitive accuracy < 0.1nm


  • Noise level < 3* 10-5AU


  • Integration time 6ms – 10s


  • Channels Up to 8 channels


  • Raw data Simultaneously detects signals, pressure, monitor current, outlet electrode current, oven temperature, tray temperature and more


  • Unique features Current and/or voltage controlled method step durations (for on-line pre-concentration).


  • Positive or negative pressure during electrophoresis. Outlet end injections for samples or reagents. Automatic cross-over


  • Features Programmable time parameters within each step: start time within the step pressure voltage and/or current ramping to set-point + set-point, external events and extended marker programming


  • Real time display Inlet, outlet, pressure, voltage, current, methods, external events, oven and tray temperature


  • Power requirements: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA



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