Siemens Zh-R Horn/Strobe


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Here we have a Siemens Zh-R Horn/Strobe being sold as is due to a contract with a former partner that prevents me from selling these items with a warranty, please review my feedback to see that I have a solid record.
S/N: It709056
S/N: It8023995
S/N: It709055
S/N: It709055-578G


Audible/Visual notification appliances shall be listed for indoor use only
– Appliances shall be listed under UL Standard 1971 (Standard for Safety Signaling Devices
for Hearing Impaired) and UL Standard 464 (Fire Protective Signaling)
– Appliances shall use a universal back plate, which shall allow mounting to a
single-gang, double-gang, 4-inch-square, 4”-octal, or a 3-1/2”-octal backbox
– Two-wire appliance wiring shall be capable of directly connecting to the mounting back plate
– Continuity check shall occur for entire NAC circuit prior to attaching
any audible / visual-notification appliances
– Dust cover shall fit and protect the mounting plate
– Dust cover shall be easily removed when the appliance is installed over the back plate
– Removal of an appliance shall result in a trouble condition by the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

CODE:  R1 F2 P3

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