Kaye Instruments LTR-140 Low Temperature Reference Bath


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Kaye Instruments LTR-140 Low Temperature Reference Bath

 The LTR-140 Low Temperature Reference provides a stable, portable temperature reference for performing thermocouple calibration.
Temperature Range   -40°C to 140°C  
Ambient Operating Range  5°C to 50°C 
Set Point Accuracy  0.2°C 
Temperature Stability  0.02°C 
Transfer Calibration Accuracy*
IRTD Standard to Thermocouples 
–40°C to –25°C: ±0.15°C
–25°C to 80°C: ±0.1°C
80°C to 130°C: ±0.15°C
130°C to 140°C: ±0.18°C 
Typical Heat-Up Time   25°C to 80°C: 6 minutes
25°C to 140°C: 14 minutes 
Typical Cool-Down Time   10 minutes: 25°C to –20°C 
Access Opening / Well configuration  Fixed Insert
Reference wells (2): 6.7 mm diameter x 155 mm deep
Calibration wells (6): 9 mm diameter x 155 mm) deep 
Display  LED w/0.01°C resolution 
Computer Interface  RS232 
Dimensions  343 mm x 198 mm x 318 mm 
Weight  13.6 kg 
Power  115 VAC 60 Hz, 3 A or 230 VAC
50 Hz, 1.5 A 350 watts 


R2 B2 P130


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