Pall Life Sciences Wand Mixer


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Pall Life Sciences Wand Mixer 

  • Reduce capital investment Simple and quick single-use system installation
  • Ensure materials integrity across multi-product manufacturing facilities 
  • Easy to set-up, control and operate
  • Bench-Top (1 L – 20 L, based on minimum mixing volume)
  • Flexible hardware for multiple container sizes
The Wand Mixer system is one of the simplest and most affordable single-use mixing systems available today. Wand Mixer fits equally well
into product development and cGMP environments, where portability, high mixing efficiency, reliability, ease of use and a small footprint are
invaluable assets.
The rotational wand mixing technology provides non-invasive mixing inside sterile mixing systems. It is based on rotating of the curved rod
pre-introduced in the sleeve of the mixing biocontainer. The rod is separated from the processed sterile fluid by a sleeve which is sealed
on one end. Rotation of the rod induces rotational motion of the sleeve due to flexural shape changes. Flexural rotational motion of the sleeve
results in efficient mixing inside the biocontainer.
rk – R1 C3 P88



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